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   Tommy Archer is the Chairman of The Archer Financial Group.  A firm specializing in the utilization of life insurance in the areas of business succession and estate planning. He is on the Board of Directors of several well-known institutions and is the financial professional to many celebrities, professional athletes and Forbes 500 families.
   Tom was born in the South Bronx not far from Yankee Stadium.  He attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help Grammar School and St. John the Baptist High School, where he received All League honors in baseball. Tom boxed as a youngster and later competed in the mixed martial arts where he currently holds a black belt.  Tom had many baseball scholarship offers and attended Mt. Mercy College where he captained the Flyers in his senior year.  He had an opportunity to play professional baseball before entering the insurance business in 1986.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude and received his business degree with honors majoring in finance.  He then went on to receive his certified financial planning designation at the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado. Tom is an avid baseball lover. He has ownership in a minor league team and is a Scout for the Chicago White Sox.
    He has been in the insurance business for over 30 years and has led several life insurance companies in production.  Tom is known for placing the single largest life insurance policy ever written - approximately $300 million.  Tom is a highly sought after speaker and has lectured extensively on the topics of motivation, succeeding in business and succeeding in life in general. 

Our Team

Steeped in a culture that puts our clients' needs first, The Archer Financial Group recognizes that your business, your industry, your world is constantly changing. Keeping our eyes on and beyond your horizon, we regularly review and revise our services and expertise in tune with the changing marketplace. Fueled by results and nurtured by success, the trust we establish translates into loyalty that endures.
Stephen M. Smolizza
Chief Operating Officer
Stephen has over 20 years Life Insurance and Estate Planning experience and in 2003 joined The Archer Financial Group to oversee the firm's case development, operations and customer service functions. Stephen received a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from St. John's University in 1995.

Janine Golding
Executive Vice President
Janine studied Economics at Harvard University, holds a BA Magna Cum Laude from Duke University, and received her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Janine resides in Rye, New York with her husband and two children.

Damien Rios, Esq
Estate Planning Coordinator
Damien is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University and a graduate of Columbia Law School. Damien has advised some of the wealthiest inbriduals in the United States in the areas of estate planning and business succession. He joined The Archer Financial Group in 2015 as a brain trust for sophisticated planning structures.

Victor DiMezza
Director of Underwriting and Case Design
Victor is a seasoned insurance veteran who has over 25 years of Life Insurance, Business Succession, and Estate Planning experience. Known for his expertise Victor joined The Archer Financial Group in 1998 to oversee the firm's underwriting, case design and advanced planning development. Victor attended Dowling College on a baseball scholarship in 1976 and currently resides in Long Island NY.

Michael M. Feriola
Vice President
Michael is involved in overseeing the day to day operations of The Archer Financial Group. Michael graduated with a Degree in Business Administration and Finance from Suffolk County Community College in 2010. Michael currently resides in Eastport, NY.

Seamus J. O'Brien
Director of Group Benefits and Pension Designs
Seamus spent fifteen years as a trusted advisor to closely held business owners in the areas of pension and benefit consulting and design. He joined The Archer Financial Group in 2012 to oversee the Group Benefits brision. Seamus resides on Long Island with his wife and three sons.

Ronald M. Roth, CLU, ChFC
Managing Director of Business Development
Ron joined The Archer Financial Group as a Managing Director of business development. He has spent his entire career in the life insurance industry. A graduate of George Washington University, Washington D.C. (B.A. 1988, Political Science. He also received his Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) from The American College in Bryn Mawr, PA. Ron resides in Mill Neck, NY with his wife and his two children.

Gia Asaro
Executive Assistant to the President
Gia joined The Archer Financial Group in 2013 as an Administrative Assistant. Shortly after she began acting as the Executive Assistant to the President. Gia is responsible for providing administrative and strategic guidance to the executive team. Prior to joining The Archer Financial Group, Gia was Assistant to the President of a Long Island-based financial consulting firm. Gia holds a B.A from Adelphi University and where she was an active member of the Tau Sigma Honor Society.



'Tom is professional, sincere, and has helped us grow our business. We were a fledgling company in 1988, but Tom understood that, and insured us for what we could buy. As our needs have grown, so has Tom's participation. All partners have personal insurance with him as well - well in excess of $100 million.'
Randy Greenberg - Owner, Crystal Art Gallery

'Tommy Archer thinks big. He is one of the most intelligent and talented insurance professionals that I have ever dealt with. The products and services he offers has led to a tremendous tax savings for my business and my family. I now feel protected and I highly recommend him.'
Stewart Rahr - Owner, Kinray Inc.

'I have found The Archer Financial Group to be extremely proactive with regard to my insurance planning. They simply get things done.'
Tim Teufel - Third Base Coach, Former Major League Infielder, New York Mets

'The Archer Financial Group's approach is clear, straightforward and time sensitive. It's a great feeling to know I have Tom and his group looking after my family's well-being.'
John Franco - Major League Pitcher, New York Mets

'It's nice to have your expectations not only met but exceeded! Tom Archer provided me with professional, friendly & effective service. With Tom, you get a high caliber professional who takes care of his clients.'
Barry Lyons - Former Catcher, New York Mets

'The service I receive from The Archer Financial Group is among the best I have experienced both in quality, promptness and attitude. This is definitely a client centered company and I am glad to be associated with them.'
Allan Arker - Principal, The Arker Companies

'With all of the financial and life products available, from so many different companies and agents; Tom Archer is able to recommend, analyze and evaluate the differences and find the most suitable program for helping to achieve our goals. The Archer Financial Group makes the whole process run smoothly, and efficiently without any complications. It has been a pleasure working with The Archer Financial Group and I happily recommend family and friends to Tom Archer, for the quality of service and financial guidance that he has given me.'
Albert Kalimian - Real Estate Investor

'I found Tom Archer to be extremely knowledgable with regard to my family's life insurance and estate planning. I trust Tom implicitly and hold him in very high esteem'
Ed Blankmeyer - Head Baseball Coach St. Johns University

'The Archer Financial Group coordinated the efforts of my other advisors in a way that made everyone's participation easier and more effective. The decisions I had avoided for so long were suddenly not difficult at all.'
Hymie Golden - Owner, Snapple Iced Tea

'I found the professionals at The Archer Financial Group to be uniquely qualified. The knowledge, perspective and practical experience which they brought to the planning process proved to be indispensable.'
Frank Catalanotto - Former Major League Baseball Player

'The Archer Financial Group's creative estate and business planning techniques will assist with tax savings for my family.'
Jack Schachter - Owner, Kleinfeld Wedding Dresses

'The Archer Financial Group's thoroughness in developing planning options and their depth of understanding and knowledge when dealing with the problems faced by the closely held business owner is outstanding.'
Bruce Wexler Esq - Head Estate Tax Partner, Loeb & Loeb

'The Archer Financial Group helped avert a potentially difficult business situation which would have proven uncomfortable for all of the interested parties. They helped to create harmony by identifying and resolving the needs of each partner and the members of his family. We can now proceed into the future with a unified plan.'
Paul Genovese - Owner, Genovese Drug Store Chains

'I couldn't have been more pleased and amazed with the service provided by Tom Archer. What a fantastic and refreshing approach towards planning for the future. I would highly recommend Tom Archer to anyone seeking advice on life insurance and estate planning.'
Ray Negron - New York Yankees, Special Advisor



We at The Archer Financial Group utilize a think-tank approach. We obtain a deep personal understanding of the management and financial issues facing business owners today. This enables us to advise as if we were an active and involved member of our clients' management team. We bring an entrepreneurial spirit and vision to help strategize solutions, take advantage of opportunities and optimize benefits to help our clients move forward confidently and successfully into the future.

Preserving and Transferring Wealth
Craft tax effective gift programs using family limited partnerships, charitable trusts, generation skipping trusts, and other mechanisms
Devise intra family loans with minimum borrowing rate features
Analyze and update your estate plan to capitalize on tax advantages and assure that your beneficiaries not the government, retain the largest possible share of assets
Provide for sufficient liquidity for heirs to pay estate taxes

Estate, Gift, and Trust Planning
Work closely with attorneys to develop estate plans
Eliminate the tax bite on clients and their heirs
Lower taxes and preserve a family's wealth
Estimate estate taxes under current estate plans and devise alternatives with quantifiable tax savings
Identify potential liquidity problems at death caused by estate taxes and generation skipping transfer taxes

Insurance Planning
Determine if you have sufficient Life, Disability, and Long Term Care insurance
Suggest the most effective type of life insurance coverage - Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, Guaranteed Universal Life *, Guaranteed Issue Group Life * and Second To Die
Evaluate tax benefits of transferring an insurance policy to a life insurance trust

Executive Fringe Benefits
Executive Bonus Plans
Split Dollar Insurance
Deferred Compensation Plans
Non Qualified Executive Fringe Benefits

Company Health Care Benefits
Maintain a full service health care platform which includes: all administrative duties, employee enrollment and custom workshops on health related topics at your company site
Offer full health, dental, and voluntary short-term disability insurance, through multiple carriers



Building a successful business is the American dream. Sustaining it for future generations is the major challenge facing business owners today.

The creation of a successful business enterprise is an achievement few attain in their lifetime. Yet this legacy often fails to survive beyond the lifetime of the business owner. More often than not, the complex legal and tax issues that arise from the lack of a tightly woven business succession and inheritance plan, result in the ultimate failure of the business.

We at The Archer Financial Group are dedicated to the maximum preservation of a closely-held business. Working in conjunction with our client's other professional advisors, we provide:

Detailed analysis of the current planning found in our client's existing wills, shareholder agreements, business succession, estate and employee benefit plans. This analysis is presented in a manner that is easily understandable to the client.

Identification of problem areas that can lead to unnecessary tax burdens as well as the loss of control of the business or even its dissolution. Particular emphasis is placed on analyzing the available alternatives.

Coordination among our client's various professional advisors so that we are all working towards the common goal of formulating the best available business succession, estate and employee benefit plan.

Specific recommendations for the succession of the business in the most tax efficient manner consistent with our client's goals. We are particularly sensitive to the dynamics of family relationships, including the complications of spanorce, remarriage and maintaining equity between children who are active in the family business as well as those who are not involved in the business.

Based on our extensive experience, The Archer Financial Group is uniquely qualified in the area of business succession and estate planning. We understand the legal, tax, and financial ramifications of the various planning options which are available.

A successful business owner devotes a lifetime of energy and effort to the creation and development of a business. However, all too often he or she fails to take any steps to ensure that the business survives. The complexities of family and partnership relationships, tax laws, and other legal issues, can be overwhelming. It is often easier to simply postpone any consideration of them. Even the most basic documents, such as wills and shareholder agreements, are often ignored.

We offer a comprehensive service that does not duplicate the cost or effort of our client's attorney, accountant or banker, but rather is the necessary catalyst to get the process underway and to coordinate the efforts of all our client's advisors. In virtually every instance, the decision to retain The Archer Financial Group has resulted in substantial savings for our client's business and family.

A business succession plan is the key to continuity in a closely-held corporation. It is the cornerstone of smooth and effective management, as well as ownership transition. When communicated to all concerned during our client's lifetime, a business succession plan prevents the misunderstandings that lead to major disputes.

As part of the planning process several key questions are addressed, such as who will run the business, who will work in the business, who will own stock and how much will each interested party be compensated. These questions are explored and ultimately answered so that an orderly and tax efficient succession can take place.

As business owners approach retirement age, especially those with children who are interested in the business, the implementation and design of such a succession plan and the communication of such a plan is vital. Our professionals working along with our client and his or her advisors can design, implement and communicate such a plan in an effective manner.

Let's work together to analyze your needs. We can then help you decide what products and services would be right for you and your business.


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